Non-alcoholic, Antibacterial wet wipes.

How do you manage things around you that are full of viruses and germs?
These days, the disinfection of hands and belongings is essential.
Manage it Effectively and easily with just one sheet of Attipure Antibacterial Wet wipes.

Best features!

  • Antibacterial of 3 types of harmful bacteria is proved.
  • Possible to use without dryness as it is made of nonalcoholic.
  • NO Formaldehyde NO Paraben NO Fluorescent whitening agent.
  • It is wrapped Individually for convenience and hygiene.

Product details


For sensitive skin.

Various brands of wet wipes are on the market.
Most people may not know what ingredients it is made of.
The Attipure Wet wipes are made of nonalcoholic, so you can use it without dryness.


Proven wet wipes

It is verified that it is 99.9% antibacterially removed against major bacteria such as pneumococcus, E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus through testing by an accredited testing institute. It can be used more safely and with confidence.


It can be used everywhere.

When you go out, you may not be able to carry wet wipes.
so you may have used a general tissue soaked in water.
Wipe your cell phone, the keyboard you use or wherever you want with Attpure wet wipes.


considered the envrionment

Don’t worry about ingredients due to antibacterial function.
The high-quality purified water that has been filtered and removed fine substances is used, as well as a moisturizing ingredient, glycerin is added which keeps the skin barrier.
furthermore, it is made of natural pulp fabric for the environment.


Keep it in your pocket

It’s individually wrapped for convenience, so it’s hygienic and portable.


Considered the Quallity

It is hygienic as it has been certified for quality by complying with strict global management standards.

Recommended for those who...
  1. want to clean your hands before and after meals.
  2. want to clean the dust.
  3. want to use it before and after going out.



[50ea/100ea ]


Made In : Korea
Retail Price : 50ea :KRW 13,000 (USD 10.73)
100ea:KRW 26,000 (USD 21.47)

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