The EGG cleanser device ver.2

is a Must-have item for those who want deep cleansing.

At the change of season, using the EGG device,
you can remove the dead skin and manage sebum.

It is the best selling item in a tax-free shop.


✨The reason why you buy it here is✨

Only Banhalshop gives a transparent case.

Best features!

  • cleansing perfectly where can be reached by hand.
  • Can use more than 6 monthes with a fully charged device.
  • Hypoallergenic certificated.
  • Easy to hold.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Made by medical silicon.

Product details


Secret items of the people who have good skin

Because it can be used semi-permanent,
so you will think the price is reasonable.

It weighs light and easy to hold. So you can use it on your whole face.
Using the soft silicone, cleansing the sides and bottom of the nose is easy.


Hypoallergenic certificated

Did you watch the egg yolk doesn’t pop even rubbed by the EGG device?

The world’s first stick device vibrates 8,000 times per minute.
It doesn’t damage the layers of oil.
It mitigates aging, removes dead skin and waste matter without irritating.


Eco-friendly device is certificated by ROHS

The EGG device is made by medical silicon.
Also, the silver coat has an antibacterial effect.
It doesn’t wear out. you don’t need to change it.


Easy to care

When it gets dirty, Clean with your usual cleansing foam.


Can be used while you shower

100% waterproof
Safety Test that drops it from 3m high passed.
(notice : USB charger is not waterproof.)


Comfortable to use

The device auto-off after 3 minutes.
You can use it for more than 6 months if you use it twice a day for 3 minutes with a fully charged device.
The wireless charge makes you more comfortable.
(can be charged 3~4hours by adaptor / 8~9hours by laptop)

You don’t need a transformer. It can be charged anywhere in the world.
(110v to 250v all possible.)

Recommended for those who…
  1. look flaky after make-up.
  2. want to get a silky soft skin.
  3. remove blackheads & whiteheads.
  4. want foam cleansing.
  5. want deep cleansing everyday.
  6. want skincare while traveling.

Banhal’s Tips!
  1. Apply body scrubs on your elbow and knee and rub with the EGG device,
    you can remove the dead skin efficiently.
  2. Use the device for massaging from the chin to the back neck.
  3. Use together the Derma Shiny foam Cleanser to avoid stinging.

How to use


  1. Put water on your face.
  2. Apply foam cleanser you have on the EGG device.
  3. Push the power button and massage in a circle following the face line for 1 ~3 minutes.
    (vibration intensity changes to 3 levels each time you push the button. The alarm is set to sound every 1 minute 30 seconds.)
  4. Wash your face and the device with warm water.



EGG device ver.2, egg-shaped case, charger,
stand, instruction, guarantee letter.

Made In : Korea
Retail Price : KRW 139,000 (USD 116)

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