Shoot your fatigue with a massage gun.

It is named a massage gun as the device looks like a gun.

Change the massage head to 4 types, according to the part and preference.

Best features!

  • 3500 rpm per minute makes deep and powerful intensity.
  • 4 types massage head / 4steps intensity.
  • Use the NSK bearing makes low noise.

Product details


Now sold in department stores

The quality of the CellaLab Massage Gun being proven at duty-free shops and 16 different department stores in Korea.



whenever wherever you want

When you get muscle pain after exercising and when you are exhausted after work,you will want to get a massage.
The massage gun relaxes the muscles at the time and place you want.


Control intensity in 4 steps, scrupulous massage is possible

Step 1: Vibrates 1200 per minute, slight massage
Step 2: Relax muscles
Step 3: Massage deeply
Step 4: Vibrates 3500 per minute, professional mode



4 types heads

Roundball type / Flat type / Spiral type / U type
Each of type cares different shaped muscles.


Low-noise, but high power output ⚡️

The performance of the massage gun depends on the motor.
BLDC motor that used for the massage gun has a high power output function and low noise.


2550mAh High capacity

The battery stability is secured through the U.S. MPS ID mounted, so You can massage comfortably for up to 6 hours if you use it continuously.

Caution: For your saftey, the device will turn off after using 10 minutes.



Need only 5 seconds for changing the head

Step 1 : Choose the proper massage head.
Step 2 : Combine with the device.

Caution : Before changing the head, turn off the power first.


Less than 1kg weight

CellaLab massage gun weighs less than 1kg and the design is intuitive and refined.
It is easy to hold in one hand and comfortable.


Easy to use and keep

It's made of rubber that doesn't slip when you sweat.
you can use it safely and meticulously.
A storage bag for easy storage and transportation will be presented together.
use it in the** gym, office and while traveling**.



Color Options


How to use
  1. Choose the head and combine it with the device.
  2. Move the bottom switch to on.
  3. Click the button of the handle, then LED lights will turn on and 1step
    is in operation.
  4. Press longer than 3 secs or press the button in 4steps intensity,
    the LED lights, and the power turn off.

  1. Please use only healthy adults.
    (Do not use by minors, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
    The elderly use it under the guidance of doctors and experts.)

  2. To avoid excessive use, do not use the same area for more than 60 seconds
    If you feel uncomfortable, immediately stop using it..

  3. Turn off the device when you are not in use.

  4. Do not disassemble or modify the product at will.

  5. Wipe using soft towels, do not apply the liquid or chemical products.

  6. Avoid a place full of moisture and a place high in temperature.

How to charge
  1. Charge the device fully before using it.
  2. Place the power switch in OFF. connect the charger cable to the port.
    (RED means charging, GREEN means charging complete.)
  3. Using the device while charging is not recommended.
  4. Use Provided Charger
  5. Fully charging takes 1~4 hours, available for approximately 6 hours
    based on 1step intensity.
  6. For battery life, after the device discharge, recharging is recommended.

Made In : Korea
Retail Price : KRW 329,000 (USD 270)

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