Snacks for Cheese lovers!

It is made of 100% cheese, not a cheese flavor.
100% cheese snack with cream cheese on the outside and cheddar cheese on the inside.
Cheese is the best food for humans because it contains calcium, mineral, vitamin, and so on.

Don’t worry about calories.
It doesn’t contain oil and moisture, so you can eat for a meal.
Enjoy your meal and nourish yourself.

Best features !

  • High protein, High calcium, High nutrition.
  • Enjoy 2 types cheese: cream& cheddar.
  • No oil, just 75 calories for 1 pack.
  • The proper amount is packed to make it easy to eat.
  • Good for a meal and diet snacks.

Product dertails


Differentiated Point !

Think about the cheese.
You may imagine stringy cheese, for example, mozzarella cheese.

The Hello Cheese broke the stereotype and developed a dry cheese food that makes it Crispy.


With deep flavor

Other cheese snacks contain a lot of additives.
100% cheese snacks makes you can enjoy a deep flavor.
It contains high protein, high nutrition makes you feel full even a small amount.
Recommend for late-night snacks.


For kids

Parents considering nutritious ingredients for children's snacks.
Even where it’s made.

Hello cheese products are produced by clean manufacturers, as well as by safe and hygienic manufacturing facilities that have passed safety management certification standards.


MVD cheese method

Crispy and cheese seem to be contrasting, but the reason why cheddar & cheese's texture is crispy is because of the method of drying mvd.

The MVD drying method that increases taste and scent without damaging the ingredients by drying the raw materials quickly in a vacuum.
It also sterilizes the ingredients and makes it a healthy and safe dry food.


Easy to eat

It weighs about 13g and is easily packed, so you can enjoy it for a long time.
Easy to carry. You don't have to put it in the refrigerator.

It is recommended for those who like cheese but are worried about gaining weight and storage methods.


Don’t worry about Calories

It just 75 calories for 1 pack.
you can enjoy cheese snacks with your lover on a nice day.
Or you can enjoy a tiring day with a beer also.

  1. Avoid direct sunlight and seal to store at room temperature.
  2. This product is manufactured in facilities where using wheat, tomatoes,
    and milk products.




Made In: Korea
Retail Price : KRW 19,900 (USD 16 )

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