ChouChou Skin Mask


No worries of ingredient & misfits

The perfect mask!

Aqua Mask : hydration/brightening.
Tea tree Mask : relief/improves the appearance of pores.

Thin & large sized mask that closely stays on your skin.

Best features!

  • Non-drying moist mask pack.
  • Big Sized sheet that can be used for anyone.
  • Eco-friendly & transparent sheet.
  • Natural ingredients that soothe & protect the skin.
  • Never sticky, with a refreshing finish.
  • Certified vegan mask.

Product details


Moisturizing Ample Facial Mask

30g essence and eco-friendly fabric that creates a synergy effect.
That will never dry even after 20 minutes of use.

Plenty of essences that can also cover your neck and body.


Large-sized that’s easily comparable at a glance.

Can you see the difference between ChouChou and the product from others?
It is recommended for those who weren’t satisfied with commonly sized masks.

Don’t miss a spot of your skin with ChouChou Skin Mask!



Give a relaxing time for your skin.

ChouChou Skin Mask Pack is thin enough to be transparent, so you can sit or move while using it.

Facial mask made with natural ingredient for anyone’s use.
Refreshing finish on your skin after using!


Aqua brightening ample Mask will give a refreshment.

Made from natural extracts, the ChouChou mask is gentle and brightening without any harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin.


Principal components

Approved by FDA, ChouChou facial mask contains Niacinamide that makes skin brightening.
The best combination of natural components makes your skin hydrated and nutritious.

The perfect facial mask that’s cooling on your skin for the hot summer!


Relieve your skin with tea tree Centella Asiatica calming mask.

Helpful for those who have troubled sensitive skin.


Principal components

Tea Tree Leaf, which is known to be effective in relieving troubled skin.
Soothing the irritated skin, managing excessive sebum, the facial mask can be used as your daily skincare item.


Eco- friendly Vegan Mask

What is a certified vegan sheet?
Created without any animal experiment or animal materials, vegan certified items are made with respect for an animal’s life; the mask sheets are made through the ethical production process, avoiding any possible cross-contamination.

It is a biodegradable material. ChouChou mask cares for your skin and the environment.

Banhal’s Tips!
  1. If you keep the pack in the refrigerator, the calming and cooling effect doubles, so you can take care of the enlarged pores as well.

  2. After using a mask, mix the rest of the ample with the cream you have.
    It will bring more moisture and nutrition.

Recommended for those who...
  1. weren’t satisfied with the size of the normal mask.
  2. looking for a facial mask made with effective ingredients
    that can be used daily.
  3. need hydrating and soothing mask.
  4. want to manage sebum without irritation.
  5. looking for vegan cosmetics.

How to use
  1. After washing your face, tone your skin.
  2. Tap the pouch 2~3times.
    Open and remove the support sheet and put on the mask.
  3. After 10~20minutes, take off the mask and absorb the essence.



size : 30g (1.05 oz)
quntity : 10 ea/1 box

Made In : Korea
Retail Price : KRW 34,900 (USD 29)

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