Get in the habit of professional skincare at home.

CellaLab LED Mask is activated by the wavelengths of red, blue, and yellow recovering your skin to suit your needs.

LED wavelength penetrates deeply to the skin dermal layer. It helps your skin brightening, minimize pores, reduce crow’s feet, moisturizing your skin layer.

Smooth & clear skin with just 30 minutes of CellaLab LED Mask!

Best Features!

  • Easy home care system
  • 3 wavelength that penetrates deeply into skin’s dermal layer. (BLUE, RED, YELLOW)
  • It has 228 LED lights.
  • Eyeshield which includes thermal-vibration for relaxation.
  • It weighs just 194g.

Product Details



Effectiveness of LED that penetrates deep into your skin’s dermal layer.

A typical skincare routine only lays on top of your skin’s epidermis layer. CellaLab LED Mask, however, allows your skincare to be absorbed into the skin’s dermal layer, creating smooth & elastic skin.

Each light has different effects on your skin. Using the right color of light to target your concern will help you expedite your skin goal.


LED RED #SkinElastic #Brightening #SkinActivation

The RED wavelengthS help with your skin’s comprehensive health.

It preserves your skin’s elasticity and promotes a bright complexion. Generated Collagen to keeps your skin smooth.


LED YELLOW #HigherHydratio #SkinImprovement

Yellow wavelengths activate skin’s existing energy to help your skin to be more radiant. (550~560nm)

Not only does it keep your skin moist, but it also increases UV resistance. Use it with a mask pack or essence, it creates a synergistic effect.


LED BLUE #SkinRelief #PoreMinimizing

LED BLUE wavelengths prevent skin damage and protect skin smooth for sensitive skin. (405~410nm)

Recovering skin effectively and it helps improve pores and manage sensitive skin.


Glare prevention Eyeshield

You must check to see if the LED Mask has eyeshield before purchasing –unproven devices can create a glare that can be harmful to your eyes.

CellaLab LED specifically reduces the direct light to prevent the impairing of vision by using eyeshield that’s made out silicon.

The silicon is certified, made out of safe materials to protect your eyes from any harmful substances.


With only one touch you can enjoy heated massage.

By using the heated massage function, you can manage your eye health as well.

The heated massage feature is also available to be used without the LED function, should you decided to focus on eye massage.

The level of heat in eyeshield is controlled around 100°F to alleviate the eye fatigue, dryness and darkness under your eyes.



User-Friendly Design

The device is reversible & easy to use, composed of type C connector.

Adjustable band to fit your head size.


Perfectly & lightly weighted at 194g

Perfectly & lightly weighted at 194g, can be easily supported on the face.

Liftable with one hand, easy to wear without feeling uncomfortable!


4 options of auto timer + Auto-off function

CellaLab LED Therapy Mask can be adjusted to your skin’s needs and lifestyle with different time sets.

The device can be turned off at your desired time so you can fully relax while using it.



Authentication of Quality You Can Trust!

The silicon used in the mask’s contact point to the eyes has been authenticated by Europe’s ROHS –tested free of 27 harmful ingredients to a human body with the highest safety level.

The silicon is harmless to humans.

Recommended for those who…
  1. wants a LED mask with proven reviews.
  2. looking for a skincare that works at home.
  3. wants to purchase affordable & safe LED Mask.
  4. wants to easily take care of the skin even when you’re tired.

Few Reasons Why You’ll Love This Mask
  1. Guaranteed Warranty is up to 1 year from your purchased date. Defects in products can be repaired either free of charge or with an additional cost.
  2. For first time use, we recommed using it for 10 minutes. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may increase the time.

Color Options


How to Use



step 01. Wash your face.
step 02. Tone your skin.
step 03. Set The Time.
step 04. Wear The LED Mask.

How to Use The Remote Control
  1. Press the Power button for longer than 1 second, LED light will then activate.
  2. Repress the power button with shorter click will turn on the thermal-massage function.
  3. To turn off, press the power button for longer time.
  4. Timers can be set with short click of the timer button with the options of 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes.
  5. When pressed longer than 1 second, the LED color can be changed.
    The order of color change is RED -> YELLOW -> BLUE -> LED OFF

Made In : Korea
Retail Price : KRW 149,000 (USD 122)

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