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About Us

Made In Korea

MADE IN KOREA is Korean e-commerce website by FLY GOOSE that offers high quality products from South Korea, aiming to enhance the life of people around the world.

With two headquarters based in South Korea’s capital Seoul and Busan Metropolitan City, FLY GOOSE is a company where smart and talented young people gather around and fulfil the shared dreams to fly high and break the limits.

Now, we have established MADE IN KOREA, a stage to show most poppular and convenient Korean products to the global market.

From consumer to consumer
We only choose what we think is the best for you and me.

One of our main goals is to deliver high quality Korean products to the world. That is why we are doing our best in researching, sourcing, studying, and testing until we find the ones that meet our high-standard criteria.

Gwang Bum Kim
Mr. Gwang Bum Kim | Founder & CEO of FLY GOOSE
More than 20 years flying in the e-commerce business, our powerful wings will carry your trust!

FLY GOOSE’s Founder & CEO Gwang Bum Kim has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce business. With his sharp vision, great knowledge, and understanding of the business nature inherited to the team, FLY GOOSE commits convenient online shopping experience to you, and ensures that our product selection will be of no disappointment.

A flock of geese is flying in the V-Shape formation, with the leader goose flying lower in front of the rest to reduce the resistant and difficulty for others. We FLY GOOSE want to be that first goose to lead, as we hope for you who follow us will have better and more convenient life.

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